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We are the supplier for Fiorenzato F64Evo Grinder from Italy , Fiorenzato F64 Evo coffee bean grinder supplier , fiorenzato F64Evo supplier. We are the authorised importer and supplier that buy, sell, sales, parts, service, repair for Fiorenzato F64Evo in Malaysia. Fiorenzato F64Evo coffee bean grinder is for cafe, restaurant, hotel or home. We came up with Ver 2023, to show Fiorenzato aims to reach the Malaysia market at/by year 2023 for the this version.

  Fiorenzato F64 Evo  

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Fiorenzato Grinder > F64 Evo
Ver 2023 . Made in Italy
64 mm burrs . 1550 RPM .
Touch Screen . Cooling Fan
Price: NO STOCK RM 4,650
Speed: ~2 seconds per shot
Black, White, Red, Silver
3 Years Warranty

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Difference between Fiorenzato F64Evo ver 2023 versus ver 2021
Ver 2023Ver 2021
Precision0.01 sec0.1 sec
Portafilter HolderYesYes


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