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We are the supplier for Fiorenzato F64e from Italy , Fiorenzato F64 e or Fiorenzato F64 Electronic , fiorenzato F64e supplier. We are the authorised importer and supplier that buy, sell, sales, parts, service, repair for Fiorenzato F64e in Malaysia. Fiorenzato F64e coffee bean grinder is for cafe, restaurant, hotel or home

  Fiorenzato F64 E  

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Fiorenzato Grinder > F64 E
On-Demand . Made in Italy
64 mm burrs . 1350 RPM .
Touch Screen
RM 3,650
Speed: ~2 seconds per shot
Black, White, Red, Silver
3 Years Warranty

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Fiorenzato F64Evo versus F64E
- Both grinders almost identical
- F64Evo has a cooling fan , F64E does not


  Sample Use from different angles

  How to set your F64Evo

  How to Clean your F64Evo
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