Special COVID Guidelines & Requirements for Class, Training and MISC
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Additional guidelines and requirements apply to comply with goverment requirements.
** Read COVID Class Guidelines

Special COVID Requirements (PPN V3.0.F3)

Summary - Students

1. All students must check-in via MySejahtera. Students must show MySejahtera app;
no entry = red (high risk, close contact, COVID positive or quarantined) individuals; also
no entry = sick/ill (include but not limited to: high body temp/fever, cough, sneeze).

2. Face mask = a must, and wear properly. If missing mask (forget, spoil, damaged) , trainer may help buy mask for you (you will be billed).

3. All students are required to wash hands with soap (or use sterilizer wash) before starting of class, and after class.

4. Maximum 2 students per table, per machine. If strangers (not come together/group) it will be 1 student per table, per machine with a distance of at least 2 to 4 meters between the machines.

5. All students are required to observe the 1-meter social distance requirements.

6. Although we will try to ensure as little anti-bacterial substance as possible in the training center, we advise caution for students with asthmatic or allergy conditions.

7. Students is strongly suggested for use online transfer to pay for class. Do pay before coming to class if you do not have the ability to pay via mobile. We try to avoid handling cash.

Summary - Trainer

1. Trainer will sterilize all cups to be used in class, using hot steam (100c to 120c).

2. Trainer will perform a `wipe-down` to clean and sterilize the training area before and after class.


- Face mask means must an object considered to be a proper face mask approved and recognized by the government of Malaysia. Ex: Tissue paper, t-shirt, biker bandana scarf is not recognized as proper face mask

- Wearing face mask properly is defined as the face mask must totally covering nose and mouth. Ex: Wearing face mask on neck, chin, elbow is not allowed.

- `Wipe-down` is defined as using anti-bacterial or sterilizing liquid/substance to wipe all surfaces that include (but may not be limited to) tables, chairs, coffee machine work area. Then, we will wipe again using clean water to remove as much chemical as possible for those who are sensitive (such as asthmatic condition)

- This requirement is taken from MITI, a guideline that is set by the government of Malaysia and not by us. A gentle reminder that enforcements officials are known to drop in unannounced to do `spot-checks`, of which they have also been known to fine or shut-down establishments; also to fine customers (you/students) that do not follow the said guidelines.

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