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  Cafe > Coffee Machine > e-Price (engage our beans price)

  What is this?  
e-Price = Short for `Engage our Beans Price` / `Coffee Beans Agreement`

- To continue to engagement with your business
- To continue to assist your business

What does it contain?
1. Special pricing for our Royal Brand of coffee machines if you agree to our e-Beans terms

2. One of the key & most important factors for a coffee business is to be ensured of high quality beans & proper maintenance/service for your coffee machine

  e-Beans Terms  

In Short
1. Purchase both coffee machine & grinder from us
2. Ensure your coffee machine & grinder is properly serviced
3. Buy coffee beans from us, 2 cartons (12 kg) every 4 months

Coffee Beans
- 2 carton (12kg) for every 4 months for 1 year
- We only provide highest quality beans (QC certified by INEI, IIAC). We also recommend Italian style which has a 30-40% cost reduction (7g vs 10-11g) if compared to SCAE/SCAA.

Service & maintenance
- To ensure proper maintenance & service is done on your coffee machines. This is to ensure high quality coffee & low operational cost. Coffee machines that has not been properly maintain & service will have a bad quality coffee & high operational cost.
- Recommended Gasket service 3 months (RM 60 part cost for gasket change, free if you DIY, labor + transportation fees apply otherwise)

- Pre-mature termination on your end will result in suspension of warranty for your machine

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