Coffee Machine Maintenance Service and Repair
Cafe Equipment Service and repair. Coffee machine or espresso machine maintenance, service, and repair services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  Maintenance Service > Coffee Machine Group Head and Frother Service - 3 months  

- Recommended every 3 months
- Dismantle group head, shower, clean the inside of the group head
- Dismantle frothing wand, clean the inside of the frothing wand
- Replace group head gasket

- Group head gasket - To maintain 9-12 bar pressure is maintained, otherwise taste of espresso will be degraded
- Frothing wand power is optimized, to speed up volume / speed of coffee making process

Symptoms (that requires this service):
- Frothing wand lack of power or clogged ; frothing wand feels very stiff & hard to move
- Portafilter/Group head leaking when making coffee ; Coffee taste watery, light/weak, bitter, sour ; Portafilter/Group head clogged

Duration: 30-60 minutes

RM 100 - Labor - Gasket change Labor
RM 60 - Parts - Gasket Part (per piece)
RM 150 - Labor - Open and clean Group Head , open and clean frother

Surcharge Fees: RM 150 - Expired Gasket (Gasket broken, cracked, crystalized, mineralized)

  Maintenance Service > Coffee Machine Group Boiler Service - 1 Year  

- Recommended every 1 year
- Open the entire coffee machine: perform boiler pressure service & water pressure service
- Flush/Drain boiler; to remove very old and stale water

- To ensure group head temperature is optimum
- To ensure boiler is not over or under pressure. Over pressure may cause a boiler leakage or explosion which will result in electrical short circuit, rusting, cracking of the boiler
- To ensure very old (1 year old stale water) does not effect the quality and taste of your coffee

Symptoms (that requires this service)
Frothing wand lack of power ; coffee taste weird, over consumption of electricity, causing overload to the wiring system that connects the coffee machine to the power lines (melted wires, short circuit, power trip); machine frequent jam because of sediments in the boiler

Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Fees: RM 400 - Labor

  Maintenance Service > Grinder Service - 1 Year  

- Open up the entire coffee grinder, service the burr chamber of the grinder
- Replace the burr (blades) of the grinder if required

Symptoms (that requires this service):
- Coffee body is light/weak , or bitter
- Coffee wastage is high
- Coffee calibration runs very easily & frequently
- Inconsistent time when pulling espresso shots

Duration: 30-60 minutes

RM 150 - Labor - Grinder Service
RM 200 - Parts - Burr Blade (normally needs 2 pieces top + bottom)
*Calibration not included in the above fees
RM 100 - Labor - Grinder Calibration
RM 100 - Labor - Coffee Machine Calibration

  Maintenance Service > Calibration & Setting  

- As and when required. This is required for new machine setup, or whenever the grinder is serviced, or replacement of burr blades for the grinder

Duration: 30-60 minutes

RM 100 - Labor - Grinder Calibration
RM 100 - Labor - Coffee Machine Calibration

  Repair > Diagnostics  

- Open up the machine to find out what is wrong
- Also applicable for those who wish to check the machine prior to purchasing used machine to ensure inside is original parts (so you wont get scam/cheated)

Duration: - varies -

RM 150 - Labor - Standard/Normal
RM 300 - Labor - Extensive Electrical-Base
RM 300 - Labor - Extensive Water-Base

  Repair > Solenoid Clogged/Jam  

- Open entire machine, dismantle the entire group head, and all parts connected to it. Dismantle pipe from boiler to group head.
- Dismantle the solenoid, repair solenoid or replace solenoid

Symptoms (that requires this): - Water does not come out when making coffee; or water flow non-stop

Duration: - varies -

RM 100 - Labor - If `Bezzera` brand, or band that have `Solenoid Protection-Filter`
RM 150 - Labor - If traditional e61 (solenoid outside body + group head)
RM 250 - Labor - If need to dismantle the group head
RM 450 - Labor - If need to dismantle the group head, body, frame, and boiler pipes

  Repair > Coffee Body & Frame Damage  

- Dismantle entire machine, all parts
- Knock back, and bend back damage body & frame
- Warning: We can only repair IF body is metal. If your body is plastic or fiber glass it cant be repaired and needs to be replaced.

Symptoms (that requires this):
- Roof or furniture fall on the coffee machine
- Table top holding the coffee machine broke, causing the coffee machine to fall

Duration: - varies -
Fees: - varies -

  Transport Fees  

Transport fee is applicable
How we calculate transport fees: We take price from Tax/Grab, from our location (TTDI, KL) to your location, and back.

  Service / Repair > Terms / What you should know  

1. We only use real & original parts from Italy. We do not use fake, OEM, bootlegged/copied parts, recon / recondition (recycle old parts) from China.

2. We do not service any made in China (includes even if it is a non-China brand but so long as the factory in China, or company in in China, or parts in the machine is made in China).

3. For new customer (which we have never deal with before) = full payment up front before we go; existing customer = COD or Cash right after. No terms, PD check or IOU. No refund, if technician show up to find the inside of your machine is empty or fill with newspaper/brick/stone/sand (Ex: Person sell to you casing only; We have many cases of this).

4. Coffee machine calibration requires roughly 1kg of fresh coffee beans

5. Big parts such as boiler, pump & board is expensive. Usually we will advise customer to buy new machine if big parts have problems such as boiler cracked.


Service & Cleaning. Cafe used bad coffee bean, caused Bitumen to build-up, clog group head

Unclog Group Head. Sand + mud from pipe clog group head. Not using water filter.

Service & Cleaning. Cafe used bad coffee bean, caused grinder to Jam due to TAR build up.

Solenoid Cleaning. For 1 year, cafe only use left head, never use right group. Too long time no use.

Replace Pump. Pump = 9 Years old, lack of `kick`. Customer wants to replace.

Replace Frother. Barista accidentally broke forther.

Replace Board for Coffee Machine. Lightning Strike. We advise customer not to `disable trip` for DB Box

Replace Board. DB box exploded overloaded because neighbour Cafe wiring issue, board burn.

Solenoid Valve Cleaning for Coffee Machine. Cafe used bad coffee bean (popcorn flavor), flavor Jam the valve cow cow.

Replace Pipes. Need to replace all pipes due to rat infestation. A lot of rat got hungry, bite all pipes deposit very smelly shit everywhere.

Major Repair. Boiler for Coffee Machine burn with big fire.

Fix Back. Barista `Ichy Hand`, dismantled half the machine to clean, but donno how to put it back together.
Disclaimer: Identity of Cafe is hidden for privacy reasons (in case your picture shows here). Due to space constrains; the above is a grossly summarised representation of the service we provide, and the entire story may not be posted. For more details, you are welcome to ask us for individual case/picture. Some detail and explaination might be slightly altered to tune down the gross/disgusting level; or to not implicate Cafe for hygine or potential legal issues (example: against TNB or DBKL guidlines).

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