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  Our Services > Barista Coffee Catering
  Barista Coffee Catering  

Ideal for: Parties, events, road shows
- 4 hours catering
- 1-2 Professional Barista(s)
- Industrial Coffee Machine, Industrial Coffee Bean Grinder, Coffee Beans from Italy, Farmhouse Fresh Milk, Thick heat resistant Paper Cups, Sugar sticks, stirrers

* Min 100 cups = RM 10 / cup
* Min 200 cups = RM 8 / cup
* 7 Hours instead of 4 = + RM 150
* Venue no aircon = + RM 100
* Reasonable transport fee apply (depending on distant to your location)

Reminder: We need 2 units of 13A power socket (direct not shared), sturdy table (at least 3x2 feet).

  Rent a Professional Barista  

Ideal for: To test your espresso machine , new recipes / menu ingredients (for cafe, hotels, suppliers), to temporary man a coffee machine, events, road shows, your barista sudden MIA

* 4 Hours = RM 200
* 8 Hours = RM 300
* Reasonable transport fee apply (depending on distant to your location)

Reminder: You should have a functioning coffee machine, with ingredients & supplies. Additional fees apply for coffee machine servicing

  I am interested, what now?  

o WhatsApp / SMS to (++6) 017-8799934
o Send me a Facebook Message

Disclaimer: All our services is subjected to first come first serve, booking is required.


Ester Lauder, Midvalley, KL - Stephen Yong & Ms Chu

MahSing Group, Sales Gallery, KL - Ms Chu & Ms Sue

MahSing Group, Sales Gallery, KL - Stephen Yong

Rolex, Midvalley, KL - Ms Chu - Black Tie Coffee Party

TheZizz, Sales Gallery, Selangor - Ms Chu

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